Success Stories

"Barely able to lift my arm without pain, an orthopedic surgeon prescribed an MRI of my shoulder to determine the need for rotator cuff surgery.  Upon hearing my apprehension about the prospect of surgery, a staff member at the MRI facility recommended I try a chiropractor.  I was skeptical because I didn't realize that chiropractors work on shoulders.  She insisted that Dr. Michael Fanelli does, as that is where her father had found relief for his shoulder.

Eager to find an alternative to surgery, I called the chiropractor's office.  The friendly and helpful receptionist arranged a consultation.  After taking a look at my shoulder and my MRI reading, Dr. Fanelli assessed the problem.  He got right to work on the muscles surrounding my shoulder using Active Release Techniques (ART), which is different from a chiropractic adjustment.  I got noticable relief with the very first visit, and subsequent visits brought even more progress.  I am very pleased that my shoulder was healed without surgery and thankful each day as I've regained the use of my arm.

I let the problem and the pain persist for too long.  I suggest you visit Dr. Fanelli for ART therapy before you go to a surgeon.  It's unfortunate that my family doctor did not make me aware of this option.  It is definitely worth looking into.  You might be living with pain that could be eliminated without the risk, recovery time, and high cost of surgery."

                                          --Pam M.

"Within 3 visits to Dr. Fanelli, my chronic shoulder pain was greatly reduced.  The benefits of ART are vital to any hard training athlete who wishes to train without pain and perform at a high level consistently.  Dr. Fanelli takes the time to listen to what is ailing the patient, and effectively apply ART to the affected areas, improving range of motion and reducing pain significantly."

                                          --Reid H.

"I was suffering from an excruciating pain originating from the middle of my right shoulder blade all the way across my right arm and into my finger tips.  After several visits to my family doctor and then to an orthopedic surgeon, I found Dr. Michael Fanelli.  He is a certified practitioner of Active Release Techniques (ART).  My first visit brought much sought relief, and after several follow up visits I am now pain-free.  I strongly recommend this technique for anyone having pain issues."

                                        --Anthony M.

 "My husband first saw Dr. Michael Fanelli for relief from an excruciating pain in his left leg. He was unable to bend over, lift his leg to dress himself, or to sit down. Dr. fanelli determined that his sciatic nerve was being impinged be severely tightened hamstring and hip flexor muscles. Within three treatments the sciatic pain was relieved and he was able to resume normal daily activities, although it took several more weeks of treatment before the adhesions which were tightening the muscles were broken up enough for monthly, routine care to suffice. 

While we were in Dr. Fanelli's office, I asked if he could help with my right leg, which had been giving me pain for more than six months. Back in July of 2008 I had developed shin splints while vacationing in England. Because I was preparing for total knee replacement on my left knee, my docotors had determined that the shin splints were not healing because of the stress being placed on my right leg by my uneven gait. They prescribed muscle rleaxants for the discomfort. Dr. Fanelli determined that the calf muscles in my right leg were extremely tight. He worked on them for about a month -- with amazing results. Although nothing but surgery will repair the left knee, the right leg is now much more pain-free. I am able to walk more normally. Best of all, both my husband and I got excellent results without the use of drugs!

My Husband and I are extremely impressed with the speed and accuracy with which Dr. Fanelli diagnosed our problems and worked to restore movement to the affected areas. We are both fervent believers in this seemingly miraculous Active Release Technique that Dr. Fanelli used to achieve such wonderful results in such a short time. We are pleased to wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Fanelli for anyone.

                                --Joan G.  

"While in the early stages of training for my first Ironman triathlon, an endurance event comprised of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run, I began experiencing shoulder pain which prevented me from swim training. Believe me when I say that everyday of training is essential for my success during this event! My coach, a highly accomplished Ironman distance triathlete, strongly recommended that I find an Active Release Techniques provider in my area. Thankfully, I found the office of Dr. Michael Fanelli. Initially, I worried that the pain in my shoulder would hinder me from training for weeks or possibly even months. However, after only three sessions I was back in the pool -- pain-free and able to complete my training to its fullest capacity! I plan to continue receiving Active Release Techniques care with Dr. Fanelli both during and after my Ironman training. I believe that this type of care is not only essential for the treatment of a specific injury, but possibly more importantly, the prevention of injury!"

                               --Melanie S.

"Just a note to let you know how much better I feel after the deep muscle treatment I received. I had been in extreme pain for ten days before coming to see you thinking, "Oh, it will get better on its own.' I couldn't sit, I couldn't lie on my back, and I couldn't drive. I was in pretty bad shape. The first treatment helped greatly and after several more muscle treatments, I feel like my old self again!"

                                       --Ellen L.

"I am a 67 year-old woman who has suffered lower back pain for many years. It eventually became more severe due to arthritis and sciatic pain. For several years I went to an Orthopedic doctor who periodically gave me cortisone shots and epidurals. These relieved the pain temporarily but did not rid me of the actual problem. Pain pills just hid the problem also. As the pain increased, it felt like a burning, going from my back to my hip, and down my leg into the knee. At times it was almost impossible to put pressure on my leg -- and driving was a problem. Through a friend I was introduced to Dr. Michael Fanelli. I started in mid-September 2007, and within six weeks I was getting good results. In just three months, the severe back and leg pain I suffered with for years was about 85% better! Dr. Fanelli finds the problem area and works on loosening the muscles by following a set of hands-on treatments and adjustments and has me do stretching exercises at home.  I now come in for regular maintenance care and expect to have 100% improvement soon. I recommend Dr. Fanelli and his treatment program very highly. Tired of pain? See Dr. Fanelli!"

                               --Nancy P. 

"Over the past few years I've come to accept a constant lower back discomfort as part of the aging process. When my brother and a couple of good friends told me of their improvement after visiting a chiropractor, I decided to give it a try. After just a few visits to Dr. Fanelli there was a definite improvement. What's more, he encouraged me not to settle for 'inevitable' discomfort and to develop more awareness of my posture. It's nice to know that one can help himself through exercise ... Dr. Fanelli's guidance and counsel have been very helpful."

                               --Dan B.

"I am a middle-aged female who began having terrible pain deep within my left lower back. It was a stabbing pain that became excruciating whenever I coughed, sneezed, or tried to move certain ways. I was held back from doing my normal duties and had a hard time sleeping or getting around. Then, my entire left arm developed a tingly, numb feeling and became very weak. I would drop things, and I couldn't function properly. I saw Dr. Fanelli's sign and decided to give him a try because nothing else worked. The first visit consisted of a history and examination. Dr. Fanelli then explained his method of treatment: chiropractic adjustments and Active Release Techniques, which was deep pressure applied to problem areas within the muscles while the muscles are slowly stretched. After one visit I could feel a big difference -- I was able to move my arm and shoulder. After the second visit the numbness in my ring and little finger was relieved by about 30-40%. Now, after just six visits, I have full range of motion of my arm and shoulder. I can even bend my arm up behind my back without any pain! The numbness in my fingers has also greatly improved -- they feel about 95% better. I strongly recommend Dr. Fanelli and his ART therapy. He has helped me tremendously."

                               --Lorraine S.

"All of a sudden, I began to feel a pain in my shoulder and some numbness in my index and ring fingers. The pain later got to the point that I had a great deal of trouble sitting in an airplane seat, which is something I have to do once a week, every week.  Once I explained the pain and the other symptoms I was getting, Dr. Fanelli rendered an immediate diagnosis and discussed what was the cause. He also described what he was going to do in the way of treatment and what I could to eliminate the problem. Within a few weeks of beginning treatment I noticed that I no longer had the same pain and I was beginning to get feeling back in my fingers. I now continue my visits on a maintenance basis to maximize the good health I have come to enjoy."

                               --Jack W.

"Due to regular chiropractic visits (maintenance care), I have been living relatively symptom-free from my allergy problems. Dr. Fanelli has helped my sinus headaches to subside so I no longer have to take the medications that keep me awake at night."

                               --Mildred H.

"Dr. Fanelli, I want to thank you for getting my left shoulder back in shape. I put up with the pain and discomfort for years. Sometimes it would fade away, but it always came back. Your deep muscle treatment really worked the pain out in just five treatments. Now it will be maintenance to keep it that way. Thank you very much!"

                               --Carl H.

"I was in an auto accident three months ago which caused several injuries. At first my wrists were sore, but my other injuries hurt worse, so I didn't pay much attention to them. As time went on my wrist continued to worsen. When I could barely move them without extreme pain, I brought it to Dr. Fanelli's attention. He explained a soft tissue technique which could possibly help me to avoid surgery. That sounded good to me. After just a few treatments my wrists began to improve -- I couldn't believe it! Then, after just a couple more treatments my wrists were completely pain free! I have full range of motion and strength in both wrists. I am still amazed! Before treatment, I could barely write my name -- let alone a letter. I am very grateful to Dr. Fanelli. I highly recommend him and this treatment to everyone."

                              --Jackie S.

Having to deal with hip pain for over a year, running and yoga became unbearable.  Just a shopping trip to the mall was painful.  I had constant pain going up steps and I was even having pain with sitting.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and osteopenia in my right hip most likely from many years of gymnastics.  

After complaining to my sister-in-law that I was still in pain, she suggested Active Release Techniques since it had helped her greatly.  I searched online for a certified Active Release practitioner and found Dr. Fanelli.  I have been to other chiropractors before, but not for ART.  Dr. Fanelli was able to ease my pain after just one session!  I was able to go up stairs without feeling the pain I had endured for over a year.  Now, after 6 sessions I am running and doing yoga again pain free.  Thank you Dr. Fanelli!

                           --Gina M.

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